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General FAQs

What are your office hours?

The office is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, EST., with the exception of major holidays. You may leave a voice message for us to return the next business day or if it is an emergency, you can speak with someone in our after hours department. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by following the prompts recorded on our regular office telephone number, (717) 718-0490.

How far in advance should I reserve a coach bus?

As early as possible to ensure the availability of your desired date. We don’t want to disappoint you, so please, don’t wait until the last minute.

How do I pay?

A payment due date will be provided to the client on a per trip basis. Some trips require deposits and a signed acceptance. We accept credit card or check.

Is there a cancellation fee?


Cancel 30 or more days prior to departure date: FULL REFUND

Cancel less than 30 days prior to departure date: Deposit (usually $200) is forfeited


Cancel less than 4 hours prior to departure time: 50% of trip cost will be invoiced to client

What amenities are offered on the coach bus?

All coach buses are equipped with a radio, DVD player, PA System, and restroom. 110 volt outlets and Wi-Fi are not installed on all coaches therefore, those amenities must be requested at the time of reservation. Upon request, Bailey Coach can provide 50 bottles of water (with or without a cooler & ice) for a fee of $50.00. Additional options include songbooks and/or games. The group may bring DVDs aboard the coach that are P.G. rated. Food IS permitted aboard the coach but please use discretion as to what types of food to bring. Glass bottles/containers are NOT permitted.

Is alcohol permitted aboard the coach bus?

Yes, alcohol is permitted aboard the coaches. It must be approved and is subject to a non-refundable service charge of $70.00, which is to be paid before the trip departs. Glass bottles/containers are NOT permitted. We ask that all beverages have lids or covers so as to control spillage.

Is smoking permitted aboard the coach bus?

No, we prohibit smoking or the use of tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes, aboard the coach bus at all times. Rest stops can be made every few hours to allow for passenger comfort and convenience, including smoking. Please give us adequate advance notice to schedule for these rest stops and how frequently such stops should be made.

How many passengers are allowed on the coach bus?

The total number of adult passengers cannot exceed the seating capacity of the coach. Lap children under 2 years of age are permitted but they must be seated on the lap of an adult at all times. For you safety, your drivers must devote their full attention to driving. Safety regulations require that the center aisle of the coach be kept clear at all times. Beverage/food coolers should be stored in the rear of the coach or in the luggage bays.

How many hours would I have the coach bus & driver?

The Department of Transportation Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety says that drivers are limited to 15 consecutive hours on duty in any one day (including ½ hour of driver preparation). Of this 15 hours, a maximum of 10 hours may be actual driving hours. If upon reaching a destination the driver’s total or drive hours have been used, the driver must have a minimum of 8 hours off before service can be performed. All minimum pricing is based on a maximum 12-hour trip; additional hourly charges will apply.

When should I submit my itinerary?

Detailed itineraries are necessary and should list all stops with adequate addresses and/or directions. Charter/Tour itineraries must be in writing to our office at least 10 days prior to departure.

What if my itinerary changes?

Changes to your itinerary should be made with our office within 48 hours of the scheduled departure. Customers are asked to confirm their itinerary with the driver before departure, the day of the trip. Should your tour plans include excess driving or on-duty time we can, with adequate notice, provide additional drivers so that your charter trip may be conducted as scheduled. We reserve the right to charge for any/all additional services not contracted for prior to departure. Fuel costs are based on current prices. Additional significant increases in mileage and hours of service requested by the customer during a trip (over and above the trip itinerary) will be billed at the end of the trip. Customers are required to confirm their itinerary with the driver before departure, the day of the trip.

What if there is an unexpected delay, cancellation or change not made by my group or me?

Bailey Coach will make every effort to maintain the travel schedule you have requested. However, we will not knowingly violate the laws and we are not responsible for any delays including, but not limited to delays caused by acts of nature, weather conditions, road conditions, authority of law, accidents, breakdowns, or work stoppage and we cannot guarantee any arrival or departure time. The performance described in the confirmation is subject to our providing the equipment and service. In case of mechanical problems or causes of the equipment not being available, the carrier reserves the right to substitute equipment to perform the service with no additional cost to the charter party.

What if there is bad weather on the day of my trip?

Bailey Coach will make every effort to safely transport your group. We will only cancel a trip if a “state of emergency” is declared. If a driver feels that road conditions are unsafe, he/she will contact our office to let us know. We will then make a decision based on the information provided.

What can I expect when it comes to cleanliness?

Before any coach bus departs our garage, we make sure it is properly cleaned and stocked. If you feel that your coach bus was not properly cleaned before it departed for your trip, please contact our office to make us aware. While you are on a trip, Bailey Coach feels that it is the responsibility of both the customer and the driver to maintain a clean coach bus. Trash bags will be provided so that the group can throw away their trash before departing the coach bus. Excessive vehicle cleaning charges may be billed to the customer, if necessary.

What if someone in my group causes damage to the coach bus?

The cost of any/all damages to the vehicle caused by the charter party will be charged to the charter party by the carrier.

Does Bailey Coach recycle?

Yes, Bailey Coach is happy to provide recycling receptacles in our office, garage, and on all motorcoaches. We believe that recycling is a big part of cleaning up our environment and making our workplace happier and healthier.

If your question is not listed here, simply call or email us. We will be happy to answer any question you may have!

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